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AVE VSI-Pro EPOS Journal to CCTV Text Overlay Box


Quick Overview

AVE VSI-Pro EPOS Journal to CCTV Text Overlay Box


AVE VSI-Pro EPOS Journal to CCTV Text Overlay Box

The Video Serial Interface (VSI-Pro) allows characters to be inserted into any video source via an RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 link. This allows cash registers, computers, scales, pole displays, printers or any RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 communicating device to display alpha-numerics in the video picture of any CCTV system. Simple front panel push-buttons allow the user to simply program all functions and features of the VSI-Pro. This includes characters position, gray scale and a wide variety text processing function including exceptions and alarming features.

     Whether used with a cash register providing real time data on an RS-232 port or tapping off a serial printer or pole display, the VSI-Pro is a valuable tool in loss prevention. When used in conjunction with AVE’s extensive line of adapters this device can connect to any POS (Point of Sale) / ECR (Electronic Cash Register) or periphal on the market today. Now available the TCPIP232 Adapter for interfacing to Ethernet LAN networks to capture common printer data or monitor any single register transactions.


The VSI-Pro can be used to trigger switchers, time lapse VCRs, DVRs, remote transmission devices or other alarming devices via the 2 hardwired open collector alarm outputs.


     The VSI-Pro also has an additional RS-232 output that can send the formated ASCII text to a DVR that can store the data as an electronic file in addition to inserted in the actual video image.


     The Exception Processor of the VSI-Pro provides the intelligence to bring questionable or exceptional transactions to view for the user. This allows the user to quickly and easily review employee transactions to identify fraud and theft transactions at the cash register. When used with a compatible DVR, the VSI-Pro will command the DVR to automatically search to the transaction in question for instant review of the recorded video.


     With the new “Scroll Matching” feature, users can easily set and erase scrolling advertising messages from the customer display but always record the valid transactions.


     The AVE line of VSI-Pro is fully networkable with our “Networker”, “Vnetworker”, “Hydra” and “Regcom” line of products. These device connect to the VSI-Pro or ECR Interfaces or Adapters directly and communicate back via an RS-485 network to the central location. The Hydra is used to convert this RS-485 network to be compatible with many models of DVRs while the other devices connect at the cash register end. PC Windows-based software can also be used as the controller of this network and store transaction files for up to 64 cash registers for remote viewing or downloading to produce reports for management.


     The VSI-Pro is fully remotely downloadable, uploadable or programmable by our PC VSI Programmable software. This utilizes a direct connection via RS-232 from a laptop to the VSI-Pro. Complete VSI-Pro settings can be saved on the laptop and uploaded to the VSI-Pro at will. This is mainly used for dealer maintanence or for single station user programming. The Vnetworker allows the ability to remotely program up to 16 VSI-Pros with our VNetworker PC based Software which allows all the features of the Networker plus remote programming and setup.


      Firmware is also downloadable in the field with our Firmware Utility so new updates and features can be easily passed to customers without changing EPROMs or opening the unit.


VSI / VSI+ / VSI-Pro Backward Compatibility


     Since 1990 various versions of the VSI have been on the market solving cash register retail problems. Several special version are available to interface to other RS-232 devices like scales, coin counters, PLCC, gambling machines and ATMs along with countless other generic RS-232 devices. The first VSI, Version 9 had no exception processing until the release of Version 10. However these versions had the ability to output the data so are compatible with the Regcom line of networking adapters. As features increased we moved to the VSI+ Version 11, which had the first powerful set of exception processing and printing functions. This version also had hardware handshaking capability which allows it to be fully operational with the Networker and Regcom line. The introduction of the VSI-Pro Version 12 added on-screen selection of various model registers for ease of installation and supported many characters sizes for multiple units to display data on one camera view. This version also supports the Networker and Regcom products. The current VSI-Pro Version 13.XX has improved features and additional registers and the Version 13.00 supports North America cash registers and Version 13.24 supports UK and European models. All Version 13.XX VSI-Pro support the Networker and Regcom products. All Version 13.XX can be upgraded to the latest Release 12. This latest software adds PC Programming capability, Firmware update externally and Vnetworker support along with Networker and Regcom compatibility.



- 56 register selections
- User selectable hardware communications 
* RS-232C 
* RS-485 / RS-422 
* Passive tap (Hi-Z) 
- Serial output of all data or exceptions to printers,    computers, modems and DVRs 
- Programmable time-stamp on exception output 
- Time/Date Searchng with Compatible DVR 
- Universal time/date format 
- 100 lines exception history buffer
- 16 triggered text associated with 16 alarms
- Large data buffers for input/output to accommodate newer, faster registers
- 2 built-in alarm outputs 
- Powerful data filtering algorithms 
- Easy on-screen menu-driven setup and programming 
- Auto baud rate detection 
- 24 field programmable exceptions with numeric range
- On-screen flagging of exceptions with asterisk or reverse text

Programmable alarm outputs.
- Alarm input for drawer open, safe open, etc. 
Programmable delayed screen blanking 
Choice of 1 to 11 lines displayed on-screen
On-screen titler up to 40 characters
Gray scale and border selection from front panel
Built-in test mode
Built-in cash register demo
Upload/download programming to a PC or another VSI-Pro 
Data captured either to the memory or to the serial port 
Local Firmware Downloadable 
Local / Remote Programming via PC Software 
Supports Hydra/Regcom/Networker/Vnetworker networking communications products


VSI-PRO Specifications

Video In (BNC) 
Video Out (BNC) 
Video S / N 
Video B / W

Power (DC Coax 2.1mmx5.5mm) 
Battery Backup NiMH

Serial Port   
(DB-9 Female)


Baud Rate

Word Length
Stop Bits 
RTS / CTS Handshaking 
Data Buffer

Alarm Outputs Pin 1 & 9

Real Time Clock

Date Format

Display Characters
Number of Lines 
Character Gray Scale
Matte Character Border

Screen Update Delay .5s
Auto Scolling from last line
Line Processing
DVR Support
Watchdog Timer Hardware and Software
Local / Remote Programming via PC Software
Local Firmware Downloading
History Buffer Downloadable / Searchable

Temperature Rating

Metal Enclosure Beige

Maximum Size with Connectors

Packed in White Box with Manual

1V P-P Terminated 75 ohms +/- 20%
1V P-P Terminated or Unterminated
better than 50dB
better than 7MHz

9-12VDC 170mA
1 year with 24 hour charge


RS-232C         RS-485 /RS-422    PassiveHi-Z
RXD - Pin 2     A - Pin 4                RXD - Pin 2 
TXD - Pin 3      B - Pin 6               TXD - Pin 3
GND - Pin 5    GND - Pin 5           GND - Pin 5

AUTO, 135, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 28.8K, and 38.4K 
7 or 8 
ON or OFF 3.3K Pull Up
3.3K Pull Up
32K bytes

Open Collector 12VDC @ 20mA

12 or 24 Hr with Auto Daylight Savings Time Programmable 

8 levels of Gray
8 levels of Gray


Compress, Truncate, Left Justify  MVDR2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, DMS-3001, DVR-3011, DVR-3021



0 - 50 degrees Celsius
32 - 122 degrees Fahrenheit

Non-Condensing 85% RH
0.68 Kg or 1.5 lbs
130L x 127W x 38H (mm)
5.12L x 5W x 1.5H (in)
145L x 127W x 43H (mm)
5.7L x 5W x 1.7H (in) 
1.02 Kg or 2.26 lbs
340L x 190W x 85H (mm)
13.4L x 86.2W x 3.35H (in)

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