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Advanced Pre-Built Geovision CCTV System


Quick Overview

Powerful and Feature rich, the ADVANCED Geovision System is best suited for places where high security is needed, and a large amount of Geovision features will be utilised.

These systems are very robust and you can connect upto 32 Cameras. Full remote viewing with iPhone, Android devices is standard and as with all Geovision systems the ability to collect Journal data from your EPOS together with reatures such as Face Detection and Object Tracking are standard.

Whats included as standard
Intel i5 Quad Core CPU on  H87 PLUS Motherboard
8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM (Gaming Quality), 1x 1 Terrabyte Drive (With 20GB Reserved for O/S), 1x 2TB (Upgradeable to 8TB)
Geovision 800 16 Camera, 4 Audio DVR Card 
ATX Case with 500w Power Supply, 2GB GDDR3 Graphics, All Cables (Monitor excluded)
Integrated CD/DVD Writer, All Software preinstalled & Configured

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Our GV Advanced solution is a high level pre-built system. It is aimed at venues where it is not just the recording of CCTV footage that is of concern, but the ability to interrogate it both centrally and remotely, along with major integration into other security technology. With hardware that supports some intense use, and upgrades to push the capabilities further, this is a great system for those who want a great system they can build on in the future.

Geovision products are Windows based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cards for building multi-channel video surveillance DVR solutions. The Geovision solutions comprise of a DVR Card and powerful software to interact with the card and provide additional features such as Facial recognition, Object Tracking, Live Journal Data (With the ability to search) and many other advanced features not found in conventional DVRs.

Our Pre-Built solutions ensure that you have the most up-to-date hardware available for the Geovision Cards, together with the speed and support required to get the most out of your system. Our range of cases allow for increased storage, being based upon the Windows architecture you also get all the power of Windows control including strong network architecture and the power to integrate seemlessly with other applications.

This Pre-Built System boasts :-

System Configuration  Geovision System Features and Benefits
CPU Intel i5 Quad Core

   Supports upto 32 Cameras through a Single System
   Easy to deploy and maintain - Based on Windows 7 Architecture
   Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry for Remote View
   Can integrate with Remote Monitoring Stations
   Object Counting, Intruder Detection, Missing Object Detection built in
   Support for PTZ Tracking and Live Journal Integration
   Can be used for Access Control with Video Integration

   Most DVR's only Play & Record - Geovision has more...
   If you want to discuss your requirements, we would welcome the call.
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   PTZ Tracking Application 
   Configuring Access Control Systems 

Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit Edition
Memory 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Gaming Quality
Storage 1x 1Terrabyte Drives (with 20GB OS partition), 1x 2TB (up to 8TB)
Geovision Card GV800 - 16 Port - 100 Frames/second 
Capactiy 16 Video Inputs, 4 Audio Inputs
Built in capacity for 2 Cards
(32 Video Inputs, 8 Audio Inputs)
Case / Power Supply ATX/EATX Case with 500 Watt PSU 
Graphics Card 2GB GDDR3 Dual Monitor 
Motherboard ASUS H87-PLUS
Display 19inch SVGA Display 
Connectivity / Connections 1x LAN
8x USB
2x VGA 
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