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Zigor Ebro 650 Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

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Quick Overview

Designer UPS with a capacity of 650VA/360 Watt, specially designed to protect the latest generation of computers and electronic audio-video devices. The new Ebro line offers a hybrid solution of schuko and IEC sockets to back up any connectable electronic device.

The Ebro 650 combines design, versatility and easy operation, offering 4 schuko sockets, two UPS mode and two lightning arresters, and 2 UPS mode IEC sockets. 
Includes two communications ports, USB and RJ11 for tel/fax/modem protection.
The unit’s LCD screen allows the user to display the output voltage, batter charge status and the operating mode of the UPS. With its IN-LINE technology and built-in voltage regulator, the Ebro 650 can protect against overvoltages, stabilise micro power cuts and provides back-up in the case of power failures. This technology allows for optimum operation of the UPS as well as the efficient use of the battery, prolonging its service life. 



The Ebro 650 combines design, versatility and easy operation for cost-effetive, reliable protection of computers and electronic audio visual equipment.


  • Uninterrupted power: protects your data by supplying battery power in the case of a mains failure.
  • Microprocessor control: the circuits of the UPS are managed by a microprocessor that reduces the size of the UPS and increases its reliability.
  • Visual Led alarms: the status of the UPS is shown in the unit.
  • Acoustic alarm: the device warns you when it is running on battery, if the battery is low or the UPS is in overload.
  • High-quality battery: the air-tight, maintenance-free lead battery ensures long service life to improve economy of operation.
  • Automatic detection: when the UPS is turned on, it automatically inspects the battery capacity.
  • Protection against overvoltages: protects equipment connected to the UPS in the case of mains overvoltages.
  • Automatic charging: the UPS charges the battery whenever this is connected to the mains electricity and is on.
  • Automatic restart if the mains return occurs before 4 minutes.

Full UPS Specification 
Power 600 VA/ 360W
Topology Line Interactive
Input Voltage 175-260 VAC 
Frequency 50/60Hz ±5%
Maximum Current input 3.2A (in bypass)
Nominal Voltage output 110/120/220/230/240 Vac
Maximum current output 2.7A
Voltage (Normal mode) 175 Vac-265 Vac ±3%
Voltage (Battery Mode) 110/120/220/230/240 Vac ±10%
Wave form Synchronised (sinusoidal wave)
Output Frequency (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz ±0.5
Overload Capacity 110-120% (60 seconds)
Power Factor 0.6
Transfer Time <10 ms
Standard Battery Maintenance-free, lead battery with anti-leak seal, VRLA type
Battery Module Included  1x12 VDC/7.2 Ah
Backup Time Up to 10 minutes depending on the load
Charging Time <12 hours (90%)
Acoustic 3.2A (in bypass)
Communications Port USB Port
Control Software UPSilon2000 
Start-up from battery Yes
Protection High voltage, low voltage, overvoltages, spikes
Protection against overload Yes
Protection against low battery Yes
Protection against output short-circuits Automatic output cut-off, continuous buzzer
Tel/Fax/Modem Jack Yes
Directives EN 62040-1-1: 2003 & (73/23/CEE-93/68/CEE)
European directive on electromagnetic compatability EN 62040-2: 2005
Operation temperature 0ºC to 40ºC
Storage Temperature -15ºC to 45ºC
Relative humidity 10% - 95% without condensation
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 110 x 515 x 91
Weight (Kg) 6.0
4 Sockets 2 UPS mode / 2 lightning arrester mode
2 IEC Sockets UPS Mode


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