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Quick Overview

encomPOS is a perfect addition to any convience store. It is a truly flexible one of a kind software package!

Total Control
With encomPOS, weather you are a symbol group or an independant you have complete control over your store and staff. It is simple and easy to add or remove promotions you can also choose to disable promotions for a short while or to only run them on certain days or times.  

Full and Easy Reporting
Reports are avalible as PDF files or well formatted CSV files for the likes of spreadsheet programs and many of the editiing functions such as PLU's have the ability to enter data in a spreadsheet style format. 

Managing has never been easier
Furthermore since encomPOS caters for different user rights, You can simply set your staff into as many categories as you wish with differing permissions. For example you can set your staff to only be able to sell items for example.





Software for the Retail industry with a difference


The encomPOS solution is the market leader in Convenience Retail Software, but is flexible enough for virtually any Retail industry.. For flexibility, reliability and ease of use, It is definitely the one to beat!

The system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills. encomPOS is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a encomPOS EPOS terminal with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales. 

The system is as easy to use as scanning items one by one, reviewing the total with all promotions and offers being automatically applied, choosing the payment type and prompting staff for Age Verification or Up-Sells as they go. Packed full of features, like reporting, promotion management, predictive ordering, NISA / Costcutter and other group integration, loyalty schemes and a full scripting system, you will find everything you need for your outlet. . 

encomPOS is compatible with many of the supplier web ordering systems, so you can control your stock personally or have the system maintain stock with various reports being automatically mailed to you. encomPOS is also compatible with Forecourt systems such as DOMS, multiple printers, electronic funds transfer (EFT) software, CCTV, advertising screens, weighing scales, and hotel property management software (PMS). 

Simple to Use

Simple to Use 

encomPOS has been written from the ground up by retailers for retailers. With this in mind encomPOS will provide you the flexibility to run your store and staff your way. encomPOS's customizable sales screen and permission management makes it a fast and easy system to train your staff on saving you revenue on long training sessions!

Use of the system from a staff perspective is as simple as a quick sign-on process, scanning all the items required and selecting a payment method. Items with promotions will automatically deduct and in many cases product information can be maintained automatically (particularly if a member of a symbol group).

Various promotion types are catered for including Meal Deals and various Mix & Match solutions and the system is integrated to work with groups such as Nisa, Costcutter, Bookers, etc.


Easy Symbol IntergrationSymbol Intergration

encomPOS offers as standard the ability to interact with Nisa, Costcutter and other symbol groups. The ePOS system will automatically collect and process price changes, promotions and even new erea trading data, But with a difference there is no compulsary requirement for in to process all of the price changes for example why not tell the system to only process price rises and to never lower your prices. Or get the till system to automatically collect your promotions but not make them live unless you have approved them. encomPOS willl also allow you to add your own promotions in a simple but controled envirmonent



encomPOS has a built in report designer that is simple and easy to use. The built in report designer will enable you to report directly from the till in ways our competitors cant even without an additional backoffice solution.

Want to track your stock values? No Problem!
Want to see your sales of beer vs bread? No Problem!
Want to see your actual GP vs Predicted GP? No Problem!

encomPOS also has a built in shelf edge label designer that can not only produce normal shelf edge labels (Desinged by you!) But can also full A4 flyers and tickers at the push of a button!


encomPOS Convienece software is unlike any of its competitors on the market in that the product once purchased is yours for life. There are none of the usual hidden charges, No ongoing expenses and No compulsary support contracts. 

Why not have a look for yourself?

Simply click here and download a demonstration version to try for yourself.

Please note the demo version will not fire a cash drawer and none of your sales information is recorded.

Defult sign on: 123 (Staff) or 789 (Admin)

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