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ICR Touch

Software for the Hospitality industry with a difference

ICR Touchpoint is the market leader in Hospitality EPOS Software. For flexibility, reliability and ease of use, It is definitely the one to beat!

The system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills. TouchPoint is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a TouchPoint touch screen till with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales.

The system is as easy to use as pressing a button, and can prompt your staff to up-sell by showing offers and deals. Packed full of features, like reporting, customer management and customer loyalty, you will find everything you need for your Bar/Takeaway/Restaurant/Hotel. Use it to oversee reward points and money-off initiatives at no extra cost: it's already included in the system.

TouchPoint can also build a purchase history for customers and will manage customer account balances. All that adds up to maximised sales and improved targeting. We not only sell Touchpoint, but being skilled etal programmers, we can create any add-ons and functions that you can possibly dream of! We can tailor the software to any business, even adding graphics and your logos.

Touchpoint is compatible with web ordering systems, so you can control your own web sales and not have to pay a fee. TouchPoint is also compatible with keg dispenser monitoring, electronic funds transfer (EFT) software, CCTV, advertising screens, weighing scales, and hotel property management software (PMS).

You can also take advantage of, a web based Backoffice software that allows you access to all of your sales and business data, anytime, anywhere in the world!

Bars & Restuarants

Restaurant systems usually require items like Table plans and the tracking required to split bills, run Bar tabs and send food to a kitchen printer whilst maintaining seperate figures for Wet and Dry sales.

Add Waiterpads - Staff can order directly from the tables using portable devices to take orders with the food going straight to the kitchen without struggling to read peoples handwriting.

Customer Loyalty - Built in as standard you can offer a loyalty scheme for customers to earn points and then redeem them against drinks on a future visit. You can also offer discount cards or pre-pay cards and with's tools you can email them or send marketing offers.

Journal Overlay - Bars are normally quite prone to theft so with the addition of live Journal data from the EPOS systems being overlayed onto the CCTV footage sales can be monitored directly on your CCTV with the sales data.

Online Reservations - If you have a website as a good alternative to the likes of Opentable, customers can book their table directly from your website. The EPOS system features a calendar for table reservations and can be updated directly from your site.

VIP Ordering - We are one of a few to provide direct table ordering. Tables can have a ordering system integrated to the tables allowing customers to order their own drinks or food without involving a server.

Takeaways & Deliveries

Takeaway systems usually require a few tweaks to speed up the ordering process when people call in to place an order. With our ICR Touch configuration, we can easily add a few bolt-on's to make the process simpler.

Caller ID -  This lets you identify your customers when they call. If a customer who has ordered before, then the system will offer you a name against the phone number. The address is already known along with what they have ordered in the past. Recording new customers details is just as easy and tools are available for marketing.

Postcode Lookup - Speed the process of obtaining delivery addresses with the ability to type just a postcode and house number with the system obtaining the remainder of the address.

Postcode Directions - your delivery drivers will never get lost again, saving you time and keeping your customers happy. Simply input the customers details into the EPOS system and you can get step-by-step driving instructions from your business, right to your customers front door. Never get bad reviews for late delivery and cold food, ever again!.

Web Ordering - We provide a series of gateaways to online ordering systems (Even one just on your site). With our online ordering, customers can order from your site and the order appears directly on your till and in your kitchen.

Nightclubs and Stadiums

Packed full of features like reporting, customer management and customer loyalty, you will find everything you need for your venue. Use it to oversee reward points and money-off initiatives at no extra cost since our package does it out of the box...

myEPOSonline - The quick and effective way to view sales data from your mobile, integrate proper stock control, review pricing on the fly and give access to managers as required.

Looking to stand out, then try the VIP Ordering system - We are one of a few to provide direct table ordering. Tables can have an ordering system integrated into your VIP booths allowing them to order directly and not wait to be served.

Time & attandance - Managing shifts can be tricky, the pulling in of staff short notice or contirming who was actually working behind the bars. All this is included - no extras, and sales data is available per bar or per clerk.

Integrated Chip & Pin - Ensure your sales by Cash vs Card balance by ensuring that all card transactions are enforced through the till. Add a surcharge for card payments if you wish.

Something Different - Stock Market Drinks ? - Loads of interactive systems are available including a virtual stock market on drinks. The more they buy the more the tills charge, items not selling keep reducing and a billboard of the current market price can be displayed to invoke spur of the moment purchases.

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