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EPOS Terminals

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EPOS Terminals suitable for virtually any business

Our widest range of systems complete with or without software and all the ancillaries to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
All new systems are provided pre-programmed with your menu's and pre-configured ready for you just to take out of the box and plug in!

We accept Trade in equipment and have Ex Hire stock

A good way to get up and running on a budget is to purchase Hardware that has been professionally refurbished by someone such as Everything EPOS. All equipment in this category is cheaper, yet given that it is mainly the software that controls your EPOS system it is a very effective means to get up and running for less!

Looking to Purchase or Rent Initially

If you are not sure EPOS is for you, then we offer EPOS Rental from just £15 per week. Obviously better hardware or bolt on equipment add's more, but this is a very effective way to see how it all works. If you hire equipment for 18 months our plans permit you to take ownership without spending an extra penny!

We offer a wide range of EPOS systems from Compact ones to colourful ones, systems on a budget to the very latest solutions :

In order to deploy an EPOS system, you need to ensure you have both the right hardware for your environment and the right software. If you are running a bar/restaurant or pub and you are confident that your EPOS system will not get subjected to customer interferance (Nightclubs for example may have more roudy customers who may attempt to pick up tills) then compact units such as the 'ACT1' or any of the lower priced systems would work fine.

If you need something more colourful, then checkout the 715 from VariPOS or many of the Aures units such as the Sango or the Odysee come in a variety of colours. If you are a convenience store or retail outlet requiring significant data such as 20,000 barcodes and the likes, then you need to ensure processor power is high enough. All of our systems except the 'Windows CE' models such as the 'ACT 1' are powerful enough to run this level of software, but if not purchasing our encomPOS or ICR software for your venue/outlet then you should always check the minimum specifications with your software vendor.

Once you have selected the appropriate hardware, it is really as simple as choosing encomPOS software for Retail/Convenience outlets and ICR Touch for Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, etc. We have other solutions available for Hair Salons, Dry Cleaners, etc so if in doubt, just call.


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