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ICR Pocket Touch Waiter Pads

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Quick Overview

Easy to use

Pocket Touch is a super easy for your staff to use as it is the same layout as your normal till it should require no additional training. 

Full of features

Pocket Touch contains all the features you have come to love from your ICRTouch system


ICRTouch will keep up with your business as it grows. When you are ready there are an extensive add ons avalible such as online ordering (similar to just eat) and Table Reservation



Easy to Use

Pocket 1

PocketTouch is the latest revolution in table service for the modern age. No longer do waiting and kitchen staff have to rely on well written order tickets, or run the risk of losing an order by misplacing it. 

Today's businesses do not have the time to waste. PocketTouch eliminates this hassle and speeds up the ordering process by sending the customer's order directly through to a kitchen printer, or printing the bill at a till, or a portable wireless printer. 

Add a wireless Card Machine, and you can take your EPOS to your customers.

The PocketTouch is designed to be rugged and easy to use, making it a sound investment for any table service business. Speed up your ordering process, eliminate mistakes and deliver the best service your customers expect. The menus come directly from your EPOS system, so there is very little setup required. All of your prompts will be there too, such as steak temperatures, or choice of sides. It can even let your staff know when items are sold out, or send a hand written memo to the kitchen for orders that aren't on the till.

Pocket 2

Pocket 3

If you want a bit more style and a more modern look, why not get PocketTouch on an Android Tablet? Be the leader in 21st Century Table service technology. Make your customers happy, and your competitors jealous.

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