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  1. Cash Drawer Kick

    USB / RS232 Cash Drawer Trigger

    24V Cash Drawer Kick Device to fire a Cash Drawer when you don't have a printer.

    These devices can add a Cash Drawer port to any EPOS System / PC with a USB or Serial Connection.

    Package Contents

    1x USB or Serial Cash Drawer Controller
    No Power Supply required (Obtains power from USB or Serial Port - Or Both) 

    Note - This only fires 24V Cash Drawers (Most drawers are 24V - But if in doubt check) 

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  2. 80mm Thermal Till Rolls

    80mm Thermal Till Roll

    Boxes of 80mm Wide High Quality Thermal Till Roll.
    All Boxed in 20's with a Core of 12.7mm (Standard Size)
    Available in different Diameters - Ranging from 40mm - 80mm
    The bigger the Diameter - The more paper is on the roll


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  3. A7 Thermal Receipt Printer

    A7 Printer

    Compact Design and Improved User Interface POS Thermal Receipt Printer

    Printing Method : 3" Jam-free direct thermal
    Printing Speed : 200 mm/sec max
    Interface : Serial / USB / Ethernet
    Cutting : 1,000,000 cuts / Partial Cut, Full Cut

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  4. myEPOSonline Subscriptions

    MyEposOnline Cloud based EPOS solution for ICR Touch (Annual Subscription)

    MyEposOnline is a perfect addition to any business. It gives you the ability to manage your business from anywhere in the world!

    Easy Editing
    With myEPOSonline, you can easily edit pricing, promotions, layouts, clerks and even edit the keyboard all through a web browser from virtually any location. In addition to being able to adjust virtually any element of your EPOS programming, you have access to powerful reports, live sales data and even a scheduler to message clerks when you are not arround. The system handles all the recipe functions, automaticaaly adjusting stocks as goods are sold or checked in and an intergrated email client also caters for placing orders with suppliers or advising when stocks are low.

    Full and Easy Reporting
    Reports are avalible as PDF files or well formatted CSV files for the likes of spreadsheet programs and many of the editiing functions such as PLU's have the ability to enter data in a spreadsheet style format. Also featured in the myEPOSonline system is a very flexible journal tool which greatly simplifies searching of sales by clerks, transation types or values.

    Managing has never been easier
    Furthermore since the sysem caters for multiple users with different access rights you can control which users are allowed to see certain figures, check stock in, reprice etc and in the case of franchise syle operations, the ability to lock and share certain settings or files between all franchises is invaluble. For example you could have your franchise operation configured with PLU's being managed centrally yet each franchise owner can view and make their own adjustments to other aspects like the screen layout.


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  5. Standalone USB Dallas Key Reader

    USB iButton / Dallas Key reader Magnetic

    Add the ability to read Dallas Keys from your EPOS system by simply connecting the reader to a USB port.

    The Unique identifier of any dallas key is then preented to the EPOS terminal by keyboard input.
    Formats include passing the ID as a number followed by <CR> OR
    Presentation for systems such as ICR Touch in the format %DALL%<ID Number>?<CR>

    This model is designed for Magnetic Dallas Keys and is provided as a standalone solution connected via USB.

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