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Slide Cash Drawers
In a variety of Sizes to suit your installation
Flip Top Cash Drawers
Suitable for integration in Counters
Range of Inserts, Replacement Keys & Parts

Our Choice of Cash Drawer Accessories :-

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  1. Cash Drawer Extension Cable

    Cash Draw Extension Cable

    Extend the distance between your terminal and the Drawer ...

    These Extension cables available in 2 Metre, 3 Metre, 5 Metre and 10 Metres increase the maxium distance you can have between your Cash Drawer and your EPOS Terminal

    RJ11/RJ12 Socket to RJ11/RJ12 Male 

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  2. Cash Drawer Splitter Cable

    Cash Drawer Splitter

    This device allows you to run two cash drawers from one EPOS system.

    If you have enough counter space for only one till, but have two staff that you want to be responsible for their own floats, this could be your solution.

    Simply connect the device to your cash drawer port and connect 2 cash drawers to the EPOS system using these adaptors. Each clerk can then be configured to use Drawer 1 or Drawer 2.

    You can now use two seperate cash drawers and prevent mistakes between your staff (such as not ringing sales through to save time).
    Please check if your EPOS software supports this feature.

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  3. Complete Lock & Barrel

    Cash Draw Lock & Key set

    Replacement Cash Drawer Lock (Flip top or Slide) complete with 2 Keys for Cash Drawers we sell.

    What is provided

    A complete Lock Barrel and 2 Keys for either a Flip Top or Slide Cash Drawer 

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  4. Cash Draw Mount Kit

    Cashdrawer Counter Mounting Kit

    Pair of Mounting brackets for fixing Cash Drawers under counters.

    Whats included

    A Pair of Solid Cash Drawer Mounting brackets suitable for affixing most Slide Cash Drawers under a counter. 

    Dimensions: 405mm x 115mm x 60mm

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  5. Flip Top Insert

    Flip Top Draw Insert

    Replacement inserts for our Flip Top drawers - Complete with 6 Note Segments, 8 Coin Segments and lockable lid.

    These inserts are a complete 2nd copy of the removable tray system on our Flip Top Drawers.

    Whats in the pack
    1x Complete Cash Drawer Insert with 6 Note Segments & 8 Coin Segments
    Lockable Cover & Keys 

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  6. USB Cash Drawer Light

    Under Till USB Cash Drawer Lamp (1W)

    Under Till USB Cash Drawer Lamp - Small LED System to illuminate contents of Cash Drawer for CCTV systems to be able to easily see the colours of the bank notes / tender in the dark.

    This simple package plugs in underneath your Touchscreen of your EPOS system and shines a light down towards the cash drawer. This acts as a deterrant for the staff, makes it easier for them to see the notes and most importantly makes it easier for any CCTV Surveillance system to see the colour of the notes tenderer.

    Whats included

    1x Mini USB Light with a Bright/Dim Light Mode designed to fit snuggly under your EPOS Terminal via a single USB connection. 

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  7. Cash Drawer Kick

    USB / RS232 Cash Drawer Trigger

    24V Cash Drawer Kick Device to fire a Cash Drawer when you don't have a printer.

    These devices can add a Cash Drawer port to any EPOS System / PC with a USB or Serial Connection.

    Package Contents

    1x USB or Serial Cash Drawer Controller
    No Power Supply required (Obtains power from USB or Serial Port - Or Both) 

    Note - This only fires 24V Cash Drawers (Most drawers are 24V - But if in doubt check) 

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  8. Replacement 500-S Insert

    500-S Draw Insert

    Replacement Inserts for our 500S - Shallow Slide Drawers - Complete with 6 Note Segments and 8 Coin Segments.

    These inserts are a complete 2nd copy of the removable tray system on the 500-S Drawers.

    Whats in the pack
    1x Complete Cash Drawer Insert with 6 Note Segments & 8 Coin Segments. 

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  9. Lockable Cash Drawer Lid

    Lockable Lid for 410 / 437 / 465 Series Cash Drawers

    Lockable lids for the 410 / 437 / 465 Series Cash Drawers. These lids provide a secure way of sealing tender at the close of shift so they can be stored back of house as such each clerk can have their own drawer for which they are accountable for. 

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  10. Wire Note Clip

    Wire Note Clip

    Wire Note Clip Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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