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ICRTouch Kitchen - Kitchen Video


Quick Overview

Easy to use

No More hoping your kitchen staff can read the tickets, with TouchKitchen orders can be easily read as they are clear typed information. There is also no worry of tickets getting lost as they appear directly on the Kitcen Video.

Full of features

Touch Kitchen enables you to track your kitchens productivity, customers wait times should dramatically decrease. 


ICRTouch will keep up with your business as it grows. When you are ready there are an extensive add ons avalible such as online ordering (similar to just eat) and Table Reservation

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Bad Handwriting No More

TouchKitchen aims to eliminate mistakes in the kitchen by eliminating paper. This means that it is virtually impossible for tickets to go missing, be badly written, or misread by chefs and waiting staff. This is accomplished by printing your EPOS orders directly to a touch screen in your kitchen. The text will always be clear and legible, the tickets won't get lost or end up wet/oily, and your chefs can spend more time cooking and less time waiting for their orders to come in. It also means your waiting staff can spend more time out on the floor, where they can up-sell and devote more time to great customer service.

Staff Save Time

TouchKitchen can also be used to track how the kitchen is performing. If an order is delayed, it changes colour on the touch screen. If it's overdue, it flashes to alert the chef. This helps chefs manage their orders better, pushing out orders in the correct sequence, and preventing customers from waiting too long for their food.

Simple to Use

Orders can be moved around the screen, restacked and reordered. Once the starter is complete, orders can be held until it's time to cook the main. The graphics will fit on any display to suit any size of kitchen, and the individual orders can be enlarged or reduced. The screen can handle unlimited orders and it can be scrolled to allow them all to be read. You can even personalise TouchKitchen by changing the text size, colour and position of the orders.

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