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So ...   What can Everything EPOS do for me ... Why should I choose you ...

EPOS Systems

We are well known EPOS systems providers. We not only provide the hardware, but the Software and Support you require to make your business excel!

No matter how big or small, we provide EPOS systems & the support for Convenience Stores,Bakeries,Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Takeaway businesses of all sizes.

 We ensure that your systems run smoothly, you can run your business profitably, can produce all the reports you require and have full access to support as and when you need it. Running a business is taxing, time consuming and often frustrating. We provide a wealth of knowledge on appropriate hardware, promotions you should run, full backoffice suites and solutions together with a wide range of consultancy services to suit almost any industry.

If you need EPOS - Then you need to start here. Even if you don't purchase from us, at least you'll have the right information. 

Did I also mention we cater for customers on a budget .
We offer systems for Hire from just £20 per Week (+ VAT). Its an all in solution, We Provide the equipment, upload your menus & promotions, Offer the support, Provide engineers as required & a complete backoffice suite. 

CCTV / Security / Loss Prevention

CCTV Solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but we consider that knowing what you need before you buy is key. We provide systems such as Geovsion, not just because they are world leaders, but because their systems provide things like Live Journal feeds from the tills as Standard, Facial Image capture as standard, Full remote viewing as standard.

Whilst we offer a number of other cheaper DVR/NVR Solutions we rigorously test them to ensure you can still get the most out of them. If you want Journal Overlay / Text Insertion we have the tools to do it. If you want full loss prevention systems, we have the tools an the know how.

CCTV whilst seeming rather simple on the outside (Lets face it even MAPLIN sell DVR's) it can be a complex beast to master. We can guide you through the whole process so that you can achieve those goals without it costing that Arm or a Leg.

Loss prevention in business is key. It is also hard to do, we ensure your CCTV can connect to your tills. Knowing who is in the building, Knowing what is going on outside and Knowing if someone is pilfering your hard earned cash is something we can help you with. 

Technical Support - Always on Hand ...

Realistically, you have a wide variety of places you could buy your EPOS or CCTV systems from, so surely its just down to price ??

Whilst we would like to think we are the cheapest or at least the best value for money, its the After Sales Support that counts. You are trying to run a business and even with our competative pricing (hopefully), you need to be 100% sure that if that something goes wrong or you need assistance there and then that you can get it !!

All of our solutions are provided with an initial 30 Days of around the clock cover. If you need to speak to someone - then in short ... You Can.

In order to maintain these high levels of service however, we have to charge after the 30 days if you require out-of-hours support, but general Daytime assistance is still available 9-5 Monday-Friday and is provided free of charge to clients (Subject to fair use).

If you need your hardware covered, we can help. If you need ongoing out of hours support, We can help.

In addition, we have a Forum for customers with all manner or downloads and tools and other useful information.

Looking to upgrade your till systems?

EPOS systems (Electronic Point Of Sale) offer some great features to businesses looking to modernise and profit from good sales data. If you want easy to use touchscreen sales systems with strong clerk control, stock management, transaction tracking and all the features that you would expect from your sales information then EPOS could well be for you.

  • Speed up transaction times with easy one touch options
  • Gain greater control over your stock
  • Monitor employee usage, transactions & attendance
  • Offer Web Ordering, Integrated Chip & Pin
  • Introduce Table Tracking, Caller ID & more
  • Seen in most high street stores, restaurants, bars and convenience stores.

EPOS systems help you to imrove operational efficiency whilst enhancing the image of your business at the same time. EPOS systems provide all of the transaction information at your fingertips, increase marketing potential and total control of your sales.

Looking to upgrade your CCTV systems?

CCTV systems are generally not as complicated as you may think. You have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) some cameras and power. But do you have the 'Power' to view them remotely, connect them to your tills, are the camera's good enough to detect the colours of the bank notes?? Whilst relatively simple to deploy it is all about picking the right equipment for the job.

  • Upgraded DVR's available for just a few hundred pounds
  • Text Overlay Modules - Put your EPOS onto your CCTV
  • Upgrade Cameras to improve Quality & reduce theft
  • Restore remote viewing from your mobile / web device
  • Trigger email Alerts with footage from alarm signals
  • Improve visibility for cameras with Infra-red lighting

CCTV has been around for many years, but the technologies behind it are improving all the time. The idea of recording what is hapening in venues is old school, but now instead of using time lapse, you can use motion detection. On some systems you can deploy Face recognition, Number plate recognition, and link your EPOS sales data to the CCTV to quickly establish false ring throughs.

Just looking for that little bit of help

Whilst we would love to sell you some EPOS terminals, software, CCTV equipment etc - We appreciate that sometimes you just need a quick bit of help. Every minute is costing you time and in many cases your business money. Even if we can't sell you something we will do our utmost to help - Just give us a call its only going to cost you the price of a phone call.

  • EPOS Systems (Hardware & Software)
  • CCTV Systems (Hardware & Configuration)
  • Equipment Repairs & Day to day maintenance
  • Consumables and Spares, Inks, Rolls, Ribbons
  • Stock Control Systems & Backoffice Assistance
  • Loyalty Systems, Queue Busting & Any General Help

Everything EPOS strives to be 'YOUR' one stop shop for EPOS and CCTV requirements within the business. No matter where you bought your equipment from we shall strive to help. We support a lot of EPOS & CCTV Dealers all over the country, if they have chosen us why shouldn't you give it a go!

Why not give us a call and see if we can help. In the unlikely event we can't help we are certain you'll come away with some good fresh ideas

As an EPOS software design company, our team not only have experience in deploying EPOS solutions for most sectors, but alsi in developing stores, increasing productivity and managing stock and ultimately profit! In addition to providing equipment from around 20 different manufacturers, we are well known in the support and development of systems. We can provide hardware, conduct repairs, provide telephone & on-site support, interact with CCTV systems in addition to supporting many of the EPOS software solutions available.

As a support company you can rest assured that expert assistance is on hand when you need it. Our engineers undergo rigorous training and experience programs to ensure a good knowledge not only of the systems we support, but also of the businesses. Many of our systems are modular in design, meaning you can usually deploy equipment and software solutions to fit a tight budget and then grow them as your business expands.

Please call 01905-790610 today to discuss your requirements, we think you'll be surprised what you can achieve and in the unlikely event we can't assist you, you are certain to come away with some fresh ideas!

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