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  1. OPOS drivers should already be installed on the terminal when it ships if required, BUT if not, you may need to install OLE for Retail - OPOS_CCOs_1.13.003.msi Once done, you can either use an OPOS Utility to configure LDN's (Local Device Names) or you may likely need to handle the changes directly in the registry... Run 'Regedit' and look for the keys at 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OLEforRetail\ServicesOPOS' If you expand the headings, you can see any OPOS Device Drivers installed. These have to be installed for the appropriate machine so they know how to operate, but the LDN's have to match for the software being used. The example below shows what you should see... ICR For Example offers 2x Cash Drawers - These Need to have LDN's of 'Cash Drawer' and 'Cash Drawer 2' 1x Line Display - This Needs to have LDN of 'Line Display' 6x Printers - These Can be 'Printer 1' , 'Printer 2', etc Note the Capital Letters - OPOS is CaSe SenSAtiVe To Set the Line Display for example :- Open LineDisplay Key and Create a String value for the LDN - 'Line Display' and the Value needs to be the Device Drivers Folder 'DM-D110' for this one.
  2. SBV-One Customer Display Fitting Instructions SBV-One VFD220 Kit Installation Guide.pdf
  3. Charlie

    Uniwell PLM 2000 Tool

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Uniwell PLM Tool (Needed to program Uniwell Tills)
  4. Charlie


    MSR Installation There are 2 Sorts of Card Readers on these. XN700MCRS is a serial version XN700MCRW is a Keyboard Wedge version. If you have a Serial version then the JP3 on the main board (B65) needs 1-2, 3-4 Closed If you have a Keyboard Wedge version then JP3 needs 1-2,3-4 Open To connect to the MSR on Serial it is on COM4 9600,None,8,1 Customer Display Customer Display is on COM3 9600,None,8,1 and emulates as Epson DMD101 in ICR or IBM 2 Line in encomPOS Cash Drawer Whilst you can get a special lead to power a cash drawer on these, the port only throws a 5V Signal and you'll need to make the power up elsewhere. Suggest either use a 'Cash Draw Kick' or use a Receipt Printer Drawer Port. Power Supply This is a standard 3 Pin Kettle lead (Right Angled) on these units.
  5. Charlie

    CAS PD-II Scale Calibration

    Version 1.0.0


    SPAN CALIBRATION FOR PD-II 1. Make sure that the scale is OFF. Remove the platter. Remove the 2 CALIBRATION BOLTS And the plate located on the top front of the scale. 2. After removing the CALIBRATION BOLTS and the plate you will see a white MICRO-SWITCH. Press and hold the switch down. 3. Turn scale ON. Display should read “CAL “→ “Ver 1.92” → “C-0”. Press the [#] key until the Display shows “C-3 “. Replace the platter. (“# “is to increase and “* “is to decrease the value ) 4. Press the [ZERO] key and display should read “UnLoad “ 5. Press the [ZERO] key and display should read “StABLE “then “LoAD “ 6. Place maximum capacity on the platter (15lbs, 30lbs, 60lbs or 150lbs) and press the [ZERO] key. 7. The display will show “C-3 End “then “C-3 “. 8. Press “* “until the display shows “C-0 “. 9. Remove all weights from the platter. Press the [ZERO] key and scale will do its count up test cycle And the go to “0 “which is back to normal mode. 10. Test scale for accuracy: If scale is NOT accurate, repeat steps 4 to 10. OR If scale is OK, shut it OFF, remove the platter, and replace the plate and the CALIBRATION BOLTS and plate, and replace the platter
  6. Charlie

    EBN 755 Touch Firmware Update

    PDF Instructions of the install are attached, however the files you need are at http://files.fcopos.co.uk/incoming/755_CoolTouch_V6006.zip BUT THERE IS A WARNING THIS LOOKS LIKE IT CONTAINS win32_kolab_UT Trojan Virus currently so install safely !! Will update this post as soon as an uninfected ZIP is available. EBN_CoolTouch_Utility_Setup_SOP_151228.pdf
  7. Version 1.0.0


    User's Manual BCD-1100 Series - BIXOLON
  8. Mix & Match On/Off Button View File Attached is a useful script to enable you to put a button on the Manager Screen to enable certain promotions to be turned on / Off by a manager without letting them into the programming of the till. The goal is for example if you want to setup a promotion to work only while the Football is on. You want to turn an offer on manually (Well you want a manager to turn it on and off) but you don't want to let the manager loose on the programming or can't rely on them to turn the right promotions on and in some cases - other promotions off. With this script, you set any relevant offers as Mix & Match 2 and configure them to work on a 'Timed' basis. You can switch 10 promotions on/Off If you enter a Positive Promotion (Mix&Match2) Deal then when the manager presses 'Mix & Match On' then these offers will be set to work 7 days - Overriding the days the offer normally works. If you enter a Negative Promotion (Mix&Match2) Deal then whien the manager presses 'Mix & Match On' then these offers will be set to NO/OFF for all 7 days - Overiding the days the offer normally works. When the manager presses to turn the 'Mix and Match off' button, then any Positive numbers are set to NO for all days, any negative ones are returned to their normal state. In order for the script to save the 'Normal State' there is a setting to 'Store M&M2 Current States for OFF config' - simply set this to YES, exit programming and reenter. The script rely's upon Clerk 120 having the ability to use Program 3, and also checks any clerks pressing the button as (a) Signed in AND (b) are set as Manager. Submitter Charlie Submitted 06/14/2016 Category ETAL Scripts  
  9. Charlie

    CAS PD-II Scale Manual

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    CAS PD-II Scale User Manual
  10. Charlie

    Sam4S ER240 User Manual

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Sam4S ER240 EPOS Terminal User Manual
  11. Hyperterminal Standalone (For use with likes of Windows 7) View File Hyperterminal Standalone Version Submitter Charlie Submitted 04/19/2016 Category Miscellaneous
  12. Shopping Bags Etal Script View File The attached script when deployed in a Convenience Store environment will ask if carrier bags are required and how many. The script can easily be modified to check items sold in a transaction and provide other functions such as should the sale be over a certain amount, etc. Submitter Charlie Submitted 04/19/2016 Category ETAL Scripts
  13. Email Transactions ETAL Script View File Here is a script for automatically sending an email when specific transaction keys are pressed. When for example 'No Sale' is pressed, the ICR Terminal can send an email with details of the transaction with Date/Time etc to alert a manager of potential problems. Submitter Charlie Submitted 04/19/2016 Category ETAL Scripts
  14. Database Desktop Tool View File Database Desktop Tool for browsing Paradox files Submitter Charlie Submitted 04/19/2016 Category Utilities
  15. Charlie

    Anyshop D25 User Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Anyshop D25 User Manual