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Flip Top Cash Drawer

84,00 £
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Flip top Cash Drawer with a small footprint, fast and reliable available in 24v or 12V with with Black Lid or Aluminium Lid.

Only 103(L) x 460(W) x 170(D)
Available in Black or Black with Stainless Lid
6 Upright Note Segments
8 Coin Containers
Lockable Lid as Standard
!2 Volt or 24 Volt
Fastening Screwholes in Base
Replacement Keys Available

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84,00 £


These sturdy Flip Top Cash Drawers feature a small but regular sized footprint (103 x 460 x 170) and are Fast, Reliable, Available with a choice of Lid and operating voltage.

They feature 4 securing holes in the base for fastening to the counter
Dimensions only 103 (Length) x 460 (Width) x 170 (Depth)
6 Upright Note Segments
8 Coin Containers
Lockable lid as standard Commonly seen in convenience stores and other applications requiring a counter sunk cash drawer.
Available with a choice of lids
24Volt or 12Volt 

The lockable lid also means that come the end of a shift, the cash can be secured and transported whilst a replacement insert is used for the next shift.

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